career strategy sessions

In 2020, dancers and creative professionals all around can find it challenging to decide where to put efforts and energy for maximum output in their careers. Whether you’re just starting out or at a key turning point along the way, we’ll help you make sure you’re moving in the direction of your goals realistically and with clarity.

Upgrade provides artists with professional guidance, from over 25 years of global experience across the Arts & Entertainment industries, on how to navigate and understand the opportunities and challenges of building a creative career.

Hard working creative people deserve to know that their ideas and goals can come to fruition, by their own design, with more resources and support accessible to them now than ever before. Artists can benefit from a successful long-term career by first exploring the broad scope of opportunities available to them and strategically prioritising their pursuits.

Upgrade brings private career strategy sessions to a higher level of clarity, establishing confidence in building a long-standing career, and achieving real results.

Clients are assessed on their interests, skills, abilities, background and training in order to manage and develop tangible plans for their career goals. When you book, we’ll ask a few questions in order to pair you with a mentor that is best suited for your circumstances.

Sessions are held in-person or via video call, and we’ll make some recommendations ahead of time to maximise the information and plans you’ll be taking onwards.

We look forward to meeting you!

career strategy sessions

1 Session (60min) – £ 50.00

5 Sessions – £ 250.00

Free Session (Referral) – After your first session, have a fellow artist cite your name as a referral to receive a free session upon booking.


“Upgrade was exactly what I expected and needed. It broadened my horizons concerning my career as a dancer and explored all the options I have. Dane and Rose gave me many new points and views on my path which was interesting and helpful for my further development. I think it is important to have an open mind as an artist and I felt like my awareness expanded after our conversation. I will from now on take my job in my own hands instead of waiting for outside factors to open doors for me. The talk left me feeling very excited for my future on one hand and very calm on the other hand. Dane and Rose are both very inspiring people who have a lot to share and give.”

Penelope Klamert

“What I have learnt from Dane will truly stay with me forever, he has offered me so much knowledge and wisdom that I can invest into developing my career and in all honesty, my life in general. He really allowed me to see that it was not about fitting into a box but achieving a level of quality and self-understanding that allows you to create your own. He taught me that to be an artist and to have a successful career you needed to be more than the craze or trends around you at the time, and that you needed to dig deep to explore and understand yourself as an artist and learn more than just steps. He taught me that as much as we are dancers we are athletes, along with the importance of making your body and mind strong to survive this industry. His mindset is also incredible inspiring and working with him will allow you to see that you really can achieve anything if you’re able to work smart and ready to work hard.”

Sarah Smith

“Upgrade has a knack for simplifying the thoughts of an overactive mind to help see the underlying feelings behind an idea. They are clear and supportive, keen to explore new concepts in a safe and understanding space, and work together with artists to help them develop new strategies for success in their careers.”

Sandy Nuttall

“Upgrade was exactly what I needed. London can be a very scary city sometimes, and after you graduate, or at any point in your career, you can feel a little bit lost. I was given the guidance and reassurance I needed to keep fighting for my professional goals. To build a career in this industry you need to keep training your body but your mind needs to be in the right place. Dane gave me tools and direction and he was a pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend Upgrade!”

Francisca Mendo

“My session with Dane helped me to realise my options in the industry and understand the everyday steps I could take to move forward. He emphasised the importance of playing to/pushing my strengths as a performer and encouraged me to challenge myself in this field, in addition to working on new skills. I found the session useful in clarifying my direction and was offered both practical resources and an open door for support and communication.”

Marie Sheehy

“It was super helpful. I think targeting what your purpose is and intention for the next step, as a foundation, is hugely important. That allowed me to be transparent enough with myself to start actualising what to do next.

I was encouraged not to limit myself to one thing, but to be as descriptive and detailed as I can about what I can achieve – explaining what I want, what I’ve done, what I’m doing and what I will do to progress. I was able to acknowledge what I’ve already done, take what was successful from that and went on to write a treatment for a music video, choreograph a visual and implement a rehearsal with dancers. Since then I’ve continued to write down and track anything creative that comes to mind.

Another major thing that helped was to express who I am and represent myself and my intention more clearly on social media, by sharing and exploring more, allowing artistry to come through rather than a clone, to release my ego and critical self when watching an improve or task or choreo and allow the positives to show upfront. My mentor was emotionally supportive and expressed that talking to people is always better than allowing something to brew unnecessarily, even if it’s a 2-minute conversation.

I found that talking with a mentor blossoms ideas and builds creative relationships as you don’t have to do everything alone, from that I’ve chosen to emphasise the beauty of collaboration as I find my voice and share with others. I know I’m not alone and particularly in these strange times, and it was good to feel encouraged in my creative/physical/mental progression.”

Emma Stansall

“It was very helpful and made me optimistic about the amount of options we have in our careers. To start with it was very good to hear about how the commercial industry works, also to get a realistic idea of what it means to do commercial work. It was also very helpful to hear another story, it gave inspiration. I wrote a lot of notes about training and the importance of training and not teaching until you feel like you have something to offer. That made me feel more relaxed in my training and in taking class just for the sake of learning. I think it worked really well and it was nice to let other experiences and questions answer some of my own.”

Helene Hoier